Save the Pioneer Press Rally, 4/6/2006

We deliver.

The 380 members of the Newspaper Guild employed at the Pioneer Press work hard, every day, to serve our readers and customers well.

Despite the struggles of the newspaper industry, we continue our dedication to those we serve.

We've delivered millions of newspapers to thousands of doors. We've placed advertisements for hundreds of companies. We've uncovered the scandals that have rocked our state and told the tales of joy and triumph that have given it hope. And we made this newspaper one in 100: The Pioneer Press was the only newspaper among the nation’s largest 100 that didn’t lose circulation last year.

Thank you for continuing to recognize the quality of the journalism and customer service our union members provide.

Now, we ask for your support as we fight to retain that quality. We are in a new round of labor-contract negotiations that will determine the quality of our workforce in the future – and the workforce will determine the quality of the service the Pioneer Press delivers to our community.

It’s easily the most critical round of talks the paper has ever faced. Our union is working hard to keep the pay and benefits at the Pioneer Press strong enough to attract and retain experienced employees, who understand and care about life in St. Paul and the east metro.

We trust Pioneer Press management will realize the value of those employees and strike a fair deal; however, we fear they will concentrate only on propping up already positive profit margins, as they have through round after round of staff reductions since late last year.

Save the Pioneer Press is a campaign by newspaper employees and the
community to protect the future of Minnesota's capital city's newspaper, the winner of three Pulitzer Prizes.

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Pioneer Press employees, readers – even cross-town competitors – rallied in April 2006 to show their support for keeping the newspaper a strong part of the civic life of St. Paul and the east metro. That was when the paper was up for sale; today, the paper’s future is no less uncertain, as Denver-based MediaNews Group seeks to make deep and dramatic changes to the working conditions that have allowed the paper to attract talented and committed employees.